Integration *Deluxe*

by Thea Riley

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Trevor Woodhouse
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Trevor Woodhouse Beautifully done electronica, he blends quiet and loud perfectly to make an album of emotional and upbeat songs of love gone wrong, all tied together with his amazing voice. Brilliant album! <3 Favorite track: My Mistakes.
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Tim is a young musician from Newcastle/Australia who has just released his debut album Integration. Musically, the songs are the result of an intensive classical training combined with the desire to experiment with sound and structure. Not exactly an easy listening, but rewarding if you give it the attention it requires. Lyrically, it’s a deeply personal album as Tim states on his Soundcloud profile:

“Integration was first started as a way to keep myself busy after a break up. I found that working kept me sane and gave me something to fill the space that had just been made. It ended up as a well rounded album, I got to move on from things I needed to, and also create a body of work that I was proud of.”


released May 5, 2015

Writing, vocals, engineering, programming, arranging & mixing on all songs by Tim Hilberts.
Engineering on Deluxe Acoustic tracks by Phil Sawyers.
Additional production for 'Shallow People' by Angel Jose.
Mix notes by Phil Sawyers & Mark Rosenbauer.
Mastered by Andy Miles & Simon Heyworth at Super Audio Mastering, Devon UK.
Copyright Cardboard Box Music/Tim Hilberts 2015



all rights reserved


Thea Riley Australia

Trans artist, Thea Riley grew up unaware of the amazing world of people like her. it is through hardship & learning that the path to follow was found. Through music & honesty, she hopes to bring awareness to her community.

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Track Name: It's Not About You
01 This Isn't About You

These early morning stares & cold contact have nothing to feel.
do leaving me feeling dry in my best attempts, you know i've tried hard to forget.
In my eyes, a mark on my mind, it will remind me again.
cutting them out we turn about face, not likely given the chance you'd take.

It's not about you, you know that.
I don't blame you, it won't ever happen again
Played me for a fool, so you'd get what you want.
left in a room, I thought I'd be.

Afternoon ventures still here in solitude.
better to feel this than what you make me feel .
My mind takes it through, I do what i'm told.
Come back to how i trusted wrong.

Two months since you left, just when I thought my life was about to start.
Planned on such unstable ground, I cannot trust myself to make it better now.

It's not about you, you know that.
I don't blame you, it won't ever happen again
Played me for a fool, so you'd get what you want.
left in a room, I thought I'd be alright.

I don't wanna feel the need for you.
The corners pulled you in to my mind.
You slip away & it's taking it's toll.
Every corners withdrawn, why's it hurt so much?
tell me, why's it hurt so much?

Now Look at where you were, just an empty space,
Get up to try again, start to feel my pulse.
Track Name: Losing It
02 Losing It

Another day to save you, cold mechanical eyes see you change face selection.
told you could be alive. Breathe in machinery the long way round it.
& feel it move as it follows you.

Another drive to park out, freeze to numb your cheek to anything worth feeling.
Hold your questions please. Breathe in machinery the long way round it.
& feel it move as it follows you.

I must be losing it to be thinking this.
followed a story intended for me.
You know I could wake up to the very same thing.
Somebody pinch me, get me out of this dream.

The second you arrive here, you'll be convinced at least by pressuring joint squeeze.
It's more like caving in, you're taken by a crowd, don't know who to believe.
Believe me, I know that feeling.

You're protected by the planets, held on to by the grip of the moon.
It's just too perfect to fall into place. Surrounded by these galaxies & here we stand.
It's so perfect, just too perfect to fall into place.
Track Name: My Mistakes
03 My Mistakes.

Leaning on the walls, I'm fragile & I know I was wrong.
Be fair, no favourites, I get what I should & no more when the time comes.
A string of exploits follow me, shattered in two, admit to me.
you know I can keep a secret.
It's so clear in my mind, I know what I've done.
covering up my steps where I left off.

My Mistakes & all I've done overtake, can only fail to sustain,
i'm getting close now, where you'll take it, go back to the beginning again.
In the place I lie, I'm ashamed, a bad track for my name.
getting close now, then you'll take it, go back to the beginning again.

A mouth lacking a brain. words are set free at the wrong time.
Be honest, the staple could be left unsaid in the state i'm in.
Breathing again, in my unbelief, forgive me.
memories surround me.
In filtering, I block it out, but I'll wait to kiss the past & leave it behind.

No I'm not scared of the future.
I don't have time to analyze or live in the past tense.
I'll just get a bigger hammer, get rid of the problem.
This is something I've thought through. I know what I've done, it's gonna catch up with me, I can't escape.
Track Name: The Fire
04 The Fire

A nerve to lie, You been wasting all my time,
shoulda known that you were out of line.
how dare you waste my time.

Phased my mind, You'd never show it in the light.
That was never where you planned to lie.
Hidden outta sight.

Have you learned yet?
You earned your debt & you'll regret it.
Will you learn ever?
I burned your letters & I feel better.
Baby, fuel the fire.

Learned my lines, you think I'd understand you now.
But, if that's really what you want, you're gonna have it all.
Every chain that comes from walking down the dead end run,
pulling you down, pull you under til you drown.

You're gonna have it all, every chain pulling you down.
& where you plan to lie, now you'll never see the light.
So, go & take your turn, let it come back on you now.
You can't recite your lines, you know you've been found out.
Got yourself in for life, That's what you get for your lies.

Did you think that I'd fall for that old thing again?
The same old thing? I'm so done with this.
Track Name: Tell Me Where
05 Tell Me Where

The veins on my hand, my brother on my desktop screen.
A girl on her bike, ideas in her mind, I set up in a corner.

A year since I came home, ideals to compare each & every thought to.
Another track ending, another drone fading & piano playing.

Tell me, where's that thought? where I can fall & land on my feet.
See you filled with life, more than halfway from thin & frail.
Tell me, where's that thought?
18 months away, scrolling down a page.

It's like I never left the room, making what feelings sound like.
Cups of tea & eating unhealthy, sympton of a mental illness,
Somewhat induced by pain from the past where nothing ever really heals,
but strength sometimes builds.

I'll find a place where I am loved, I'll find somebody who can fix me
I will run into to your arms, but now I know, It's not my turn yet.
Track Name: Make You Happy
06 Make You Happy

Growing beads in this earthy soft skin.
See the colour brim, it forms a little drop.
Dancing through rows of this crimson red.
Such an effort to find, an effort to bring it out.
It's an effort to climb, an effort to bring it down.

You found & brought it out, only to come back down.
& the morning's over, lost in a bid to calm your mind.
The blood spills over so you feel something.
But the evening's gone, used in a bid to make you happy.

Open your skin to give breath to the feeling.
Pull into the system as you leave quietly.
& stay alone, don't go outside.
If you go somewhere, take me.
Can't say I'll grow out of it, grow up or drown in it, It's too hard to predict what's next.
& you can all take bets, but in my head, it doesn't matter.

Lookin at me like I know, just what to do with your mess.
I tell you, I've not got a clue, but let's start with this.
I, I think that you should get dressed, in this case you'll find more is less.
So, leave them all, they don't care & you're better on your own.
Track Name: Far As We Can
07 Far As We Can

Looking for a friend, we could start a fire.
It's too loud to think, but I don't need to hear you speak.
Nobody else can enter, we're all to ourselves with no need to hide away.

You're fading in, we're playing in patterns, if we go steady we can go anywhere.
We're sitting on a parabola curve. with more to take each turn.

Watch it take off into the clear & watch it stitch up your heart.
& we will find we're made for this. We're made to go far as we can.

Now I'm thinking of just what to say. It's more a sense that everything is real now.
I'm stuck against what's in your brain. We are connected now. Here's my hand, take it.

& I couldn't have said it better sitting here with you.
& the room is getting brighter than the shade of blue.
Track Name: Shallow People
08 Shallow People

I only need a dim light, to follow your sillhouette
& faintly pick out the shadows to find where you are.
I only need a half a heart, to find the good in a fictional character,
to really see him brought alive in my mind.

Wading in such shallow things, I don't quite know where to turn
All your shade, you throw it out.

But I don't hear, you've no need to be intimate, oh
I'll leave you be.
I found your knife in someone else.
You're dangerous, so dangerous.
& I'd be a fool to let you close to me.

A lot of noise for a little thing
& I don't know why, but I remember it used to scare me.
Keep me hushed, no words could find me.

I'm gonna bleed you just to
see the depth of your outside
wear away, see if you've a heart.

Take a seat, go behind the glass
Take a look, you see there's nothing there
What you hear, a lonely voice, is just a shell of a humanoid.
All construed, constructed from a holograph.
It's nothing more than tricks to the eye, a subtle lie.
Don't let it fool you, It's just a cover.
Track Name: Taste It Again
10 Taste It Again

When do you learn that you're reaching, always reaching.
you'll never find it here.
One sound you heard, you traced it, steps taken.
Steps that you're climbing.

Oh it's so tempting to taste without branding.
Fill your desire till it ends.
heartless thoughts, driven to find.
Find it & taste it again.

Not what you thought. Lust caught you, touch taught you.
Told you, you want it.
Feigned your affections to let it buy you a fix of your favourite.
Just how you like it.

You tell me, you feel it does you so much good.
but why are you so empty when you let it tempt you?
I don't think that you could ever say no.
Baby, don't you tell me you're trapped.
You know it's hard to find. So hard to find a way out.

When did you start breaking doors just to get to it?
Leaving me out, using me just to get another hit.
You see what you are? How do you sleep, how do you face it?
You, you can't see, you can't hear me at all.
Track Name: Teratogeny
11 Teratogeny

Have they any redeeming quality?
If they don't, watch them grow into what they will.
In the future of their teratogeny,
they finally become what they were in their thoughts.

It's never been done before, it's not safe.
Could only prove to break them more, remake their face.

We could build a vice to break it's back.
Hold it still, at least it's not moving.
Do you know where it plans to go?
Watch it close, it will move after sleep.
Go & lay in wait, vice in hand.
& if you can't finish it, keep it locked up.

I heard you say that it came while you slept.
It's taken shape of a man, filled, contaminated.
Look what it's become.

Let me out before you break anything else.
Growing strong & losing your kindness.
Your only wish is to see things break.
If it's whole, it can't suit you, you're undone.

Here we lay in wait, vice in hand.
When it comes for us, don't hold back.

All that you said. that it came while we slept.
It's taken hold of the heart you had,
Altered heart form, look what it's become.

From the pieces that I saved.
It's broken, what good is there to stay?
I feel the fear raised on my arms.
Now I'm running before I'm cornered.

I have to run to escape, coz it came after me.
It's taken hold of my heart. Filled, contaminated, look what it's become.